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WW ARTSGROUP is a collective founded by creatives and friends.

We are focused on creating together and teaching eachother crafts

and this is our website to share that with the world.

On our website you can find a portfolio of all the creatives and their work. You also get to have a little peek into what we get up to as a group.

If there is anything you like, don't be shy to let us know! You can buy different products, make custom orders and also book services or appointments with

several of our members.

NEW MEMBERS & SPONSORS are more than welcome. We are always looking to broaden our knowledge, skills and community. We also plan and host courses every now and then, for anyone willing to teach us and others in their craft. If you are willing to open your door for us, we would love to join you in your space to try out new things, exchange knowledge and develop new ideas.

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